Did you miss the three week Parenting Without Power Struggles workshop with author, family therapist and HuffPost's "Parent Coach" Susan Stiffelman?

We're making the 3-part series available for those who were unable to take part in the live event.

Here's what Glennon said when she announced the series:

     "We’ll come together Sunday evenings online (in our jammies) and spend an hour with THE BEST the parenting world has to offer, Susan Stiffelman. I’ll mediate- which means I will ask her your questions and offer stunning insight (comic relief). Since it’s a webinar-  you’ll be able to see us and it will be funny and warm and HELPFUL and easy and wonderful. And together we will learn some truly helpful strategies that are UNIVERSAL and will not only better your relationship with your kids and your partner and yourself but with everyone in your life. That’s what I love about Susan’s work – it’s about becoming a better lover of self and others- not just little ones."

And here are some of the comments we received after the course:

Kris: I just want you to know that you are literally saving my relationship with my 14 year old son... I signed up for and completed the webinar through Momastery, and am so very very grateful to you and Glennon for the work you are both doing.  It is life changing for so many of us!    I always felt there was a better way and now have the tools to make it happen.  You are empowering us as parents which will in turn empower our kids to come from a place of love instead of fear.

Amanda: To illustrate how captivating you were, my husband was watching the football came but came into the kitchen (where I was watching the webinar) to get something to eat. He ended up sitting with me for the rest of the time. Such good stuff!

Heather wrote: Loved every min of that hour...It taught me so much already. It's so reassuring knowing we aren't alone in beating ourselves up as parents when we are just trying to do the best we can. I also love reading all the comments and "stories" of the other monkees!! Looking forward to the next 2 weeks but especially the years ahead of raising my son to be thoughtful and caring addition to this world.

Sarah: Seriously?!?!? Where have you guys been my whole parenting life?! Spot on what I needed to start the week. I feel so grateful to have found this! I am already re-writing stories and trying my best to speak your language. I woke up this morning and said, "Let it be known…I AM THE CAPTAIN! And today will be BETTER!" So much love to you


In this series, you'll hear Susan describe three ways that you can parent:

1. You can be The Lawyer, engaging in long, drawn out arguments and negotiations that create resentment, harm the relationship, and are downright exhausting.

2. You can be The Dictator, attempting to feel some degree of control by intimidating and overpowering your child with bribes, threats, rewards and punishments.


3. You can be the calm Captain of the ship, confidently navigating the rough waters of life with children, steering clear of storms and providing the comfort that comes when kids know that no matter what they're going through,  someone is genuinely in charge.


In our three-week class, you'll have a chance to hear Susan  explain the ideas she writes about in Parenting Without Power Struggles and how they can be applied in real-life situations.

You'll hear Susan talk about how to respond, rather than react to children by changing the stories in our head that cause us to lose our cool.
And you'll learn ways to help children move through frustration to adapt to life when it isn't going their way, rather than taking their anger out in aggression.

Susan reduced her fee for us by 50%, so the class was just $49.00--a little over $2.00 a day toward transforming your day to day parenting life. Not bad!


Here is some of what Susan covered:

Week 1: Becoming the calm, confident Captain of the Ship

How arguments, negotiations, bribes and threats sabotage your ability to parent with love and genuine authority
How to neutralize the thoughts that fuel our shame and make us parent with fear rather than from strength and connection
How to manage frustration when there is a mismatch between the idealized snapshot child we imagined, and that real one we’re raising

Week 2: Attachment overrides resistance and fosters real connection

The six stages of attachment, and how to foster connection through each
Tips for making effective requests without triggering a child's resistance

Strengthening attachment where it's weak--even if you think it's "too late"

Week 3: Dealing With Frustration

Diffusing a child’s frustration so it does  not turn into aggression
The difference between coming Alongside and coming At a child, and why it matters

How "Act I parenting" helps children feel seen, heard, understood—and inclined to cooperate and connect with you


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